Saturday, February 28, 2009

Amazing Powers

I won't go into detail about each of my dreams lately, but I will give the gist of them...

I've been dreaming about my powers in dreams. They are so amazing. Mainly the ability to see and free spirits that are trapped here. I have the ability to change the weather, or at least divert it, create a protective force field against danger and ghosts/spirits, and the ability to exorcise houses and spaces.. It's like real life, but instead of all these powers being in spells and mostly symbolic in nature, they are very real and very POWERFUL in my dreams. Take last night for example, I had several dreams, some just plain normal, well one just plain normal.. Not interesting... :) But the one that stood out was of me noticing someone with like a spiritual parasite. A white ghost.. Very white and cartoon like.. It had a chain on the person and was feeding on him. I was very panicked by this! So I started exorcising like I always do.. Just wave them away into... Hmm.. That's unfair.. I kind of send them away without knowing if they are good or bad spirits.. Anyway, I started to do this.. Only to find out lots of people have these things feeding on them... Probably even ME!! I fought for a bit, then finally let it go because they seemed be eating something slimy off the people.. Or feeding on it.. And it was their food for life, so they'd never have to start 'eating' the people themselves.. Once I saw that, i woke up briefly, then went back off to sleep feeling no ill will... No disturbance at all..

The entire night was like this. But none of the dreams woke me with a start. I'm still trying to take over my dreams and guide them to a place I want them to go. I'm getting better at it.. :) Maybe it will help me get a handle on things in real life. Maybe...


Gun Session

This dream took place probably about a month ago or so.

I had a premonition of a little girl and her grand mother being killed. i went to the house to warn them. I tried to talk the little girl into taking her grandmother somewhere, anywhere!! But I felt time was running out so I decided to just get her out of the house. I'd help grandma later. But when she went to the door, there was a man there. Lightskinned dude with a bald head wearing a black leather jacket, white tee, and jeans. As soon as she opened the door, he shot her in the chest. I could only watch..

Somehow I got behind the door. I panicked! I was thinking, "How can I get out of this house?" I had a dying child and a grandma that was about to be next.. If I could get out I could maybe save them, or at least get to the cops to tell them who did it. Well I came up with the idea that I could pretend to be blind.. I'm not a witness if I can't see. So Here I am with this blind act.. But it didn't work.. I ended up seeing the barrel of a shot gun in great detail and feeling myself be shot in between the eyes... Point blank range.. It was weird because when I was shot, I could feel like an empty feeling where the bullet had went.. Like there was nothing there, but no pain.. Like that part I blocked out from the 'real' world. But the empty feeling was worst than the pain.. I fell, but I was alive.. I figured I'd be able to still do something.. But the bastard shot me in the back of the head too!! He was determined to make sure I was dead.. I mean, he didn't know who I was, and to his best knowledge I was a blind chick. After he was done with me, he walked to the back of the house for grandma... I failed the entire mission..

This dream was weird. Usually I'm the victor. The heroine.. But this time.. We all just ended up shot to death. However, I guess if one went to extremes, it was a dream about facing ones fears if the cause is right. I mean, staring into the barrel of a gun knowing you would die.. That's a pretty big fear to face, and I did it with my eyes open.. Even if it was just an act. It may also be telling me that you can't change what is to be. If something is meant to happen, it will one way or another, but there's no need to just give up and do nothing I guess.. There are so many possible readings of this dream just taking the details of the dream I imagine.. But this is not where I analize my dreams.. I just jot them down there.. :)


Thursday, January 22, 2009

More powerful..

I've noticed I've become more powerful in my dreams lately. I've been able to take over the dream ,but sometimes it's frightening.. Like last night, I couldn't breath.. I couldn't move.. I couldn't scream, but I forced myself to kick!! Now I usually wake myself up, but not so quickly. But I was too afraid to open my eyes for some reason. I thought there was something there.. Something dark.. But I did open my eyes as soon as I could move.. Nothing there... Hmm.. Maybe this needs not be the dream chronicles anymore.. This is getting weird. :) But then again, that's always been my case.. ;)