Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Exorcisms...

Last night I dreamed I was some sort of exorcist or something. There was an old house with many rooms and every one of them seemed to have spirits in them!! I could see them and so could my party. There was a priest with us, or preacher or something and he had his bible.. But I was the "magical" one. I could bless the house, the rooms and the spirits by just placing my palms on the floor and a white/blue light would flow around the area.. But this house was FULL of spirits that just didn't want to be exorcised!! Everytime I tried, they'd attack me after the beginning of my prayer for them!! They'd grab me, charge me, or try to fondle me, oddly enough. Anything to stop my mojo from flowing. A few of the spirits that stood out were a short black guy with a white tee on. Kinda the drunk uncle type and he wanted to RAPE me!! Well, he showed me his "karate" skills, and I showed him mine and he was impressed.. After that he kinda backed off a bit. The other was an old man who seemed very dark and thin. He was already dead and gone, but his spirit was still suffering in the same sick state in which he died. I tried to bless him and his room, but other spirits kept blocking me, so much so I had to RUN from the room.

In the same dream, we were going to the park or the beach or something and I was being teased about my attire. I didn't know what the problem was, so I kept going until I discovered why I was being teased.. i was just wearing some lacy thin boy shorts that you could complete see through and my body was NOT in top form.. I was so shame!! It was horrible.. Anyway, I saw my newest spirit in the midst of all this.. A crawling woman.. Seemed to be in so much agony.. Upon trying to bless her away, I got the vision of a woman with brown hair wearing a red dress with white polka dots and a white belt. She was walking with her little girl. They were going into the house happily.. Then the huricane came. The way things looked it was the 50's or early 60's.. Anyway, in this hurricane, apparently she and the girl had died. And her spirit was at deaths door and searching for her daughter... And that was her eternity.. Searching for her lost daughter...

This was a powerful dream, one of the most powerful I've ever had!! It was so realistic.. And probably had a meaning. I'm kinda glad I don't have all these abilities or that I just don't tap into them because that seemed STRESSFUL to say the least!! However, it was interesting and makes me wonder why in the world I'd have such a powerful and clear dream? Hmmm..


The Flying Zambinies

This is dream for a few weeks back.. Maybe 2 weeks ago?

I was part of a delivery team and was delivering tickets to some famous teen idol. I gave the tickets to her dad who was a police officer in a tan and brown uniform. He had brown hair and a big mustache. He closed the door which was glass with security bars. Well, some how we managed to be INSIDE the house and the people were weird and kinda rude. They wanted us out and we wanted out!! But they made it like a game for us to escape!! There was this big kinds cage/drop off/dungeon in front of the door. They said one wrong step, the trap would open and we'd fall to our deaths. And if we went out the door past the trap, they had attack dogs that would rip us to pieces!! I was in favor of just going out the front door, but the others wanted the challenge I guess.. Anyway, I woke up like WTF?!! This was so weird, I had to post it..