Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Flying Zambinies

This is dream for a few weeks back.. Maybe 2 weeks ago?

I was part of a delivery team and was delivering tickets to some famous teen idol. I gave the tickets to her dad who was a police officer in a tan and brown uniform. He had brown hair and a big mustache. He closed the door which was glass with security bars. Well, some how we managed to be INSIDE the house and the people were weird and kinda rude. They wanted us out and we wanted out!! But they made it like a game for us to escape!! There was this big kinds cage/drop off/dungeon in front of the door. They said one wrong step, the trap would open and we'd fall to our deaths. And if we went out the door past the trap, they had attack dogs that would rip us to pieces!! I was in favor of just going out the front door, but the others wanted the challenge I guess.. Anyway, I woke up like WTF?!! This was so weird, I had to post it..

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