Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 21, 2008

I had a strange dream. (This is the norm for me.) I dreamed that there were all these animals everywhere around me. I picked up one creature and it was a cat/kitten like creature. I noticed that first off it wasn't as scary as it looked on the floor, it was kinda cute. Like your average stripped kitty cat, the brown/grey/black ones.. But it was smaller and had a big cute face and eyes, but I noticed it was missing a leg and in it's place was a little pale looking stump.. I felt sorry for it, so I kissed the stump.. (I know, right?) Anyway, I went on and saw people trying to get away from something. I went over to see what all the comotion was about, and there were all these little green snakes everywhere. Once again, I picked up 2 of them and held them up to show there was no danger there. Just garden snakes. They even had TINY teeth. But the crowd paniced!! So much so that they made me think I was in danger eventhough I KNEW I wasn't!! I dropped the snakes and they got mad at me and started trying to bite me when I came near.. I even almost let them just bite me to get it over with!!! I knew they had tiny teeth, so there wouldn't be much pain. But all the screams of terror made me hesitate each time.

Yes all of my dreams are like this. Weird.. Sometimes beautiful, others, informative.. This one was just crazy or a little of all these things I guess. There will be more to come as I dream more dreams worth telling about. :D